Industrial Ventilators

A big advantage of our company is the flexibility in design, construction and trading of Industrial Ventilators. We are able to offer to every customer individually designed ventilator, operating at best operating point of each case.

The traded ventilators always comply with STOMANA ENGINEERING high-quality standards.

The main feature of the STOMANA ENGINEERING S.A. ventilators is the high efficiency (η), which leads to low power consumption, always depending on the offered work. Our company ventilators are widely known in the industry for efficiency and their rugged construction.

The range of ventilators capability is 500-500.000 m³ / h and the pressure range is 50-15.000 Pa.

Operating temperature range of STOMANA ENGINEERING S.A. ventilators extends from -10 to 400 ° C. In addition, we manufacture ventilators, considering that we operate in a highly strained industrial environment.