Magnet Wire Trading

STOMANA Engineering trades the products of its affiliated company Cablel Wires S.A. in Bulgaria and the Balkan area.

CABLEL Wires is an internationally acclaimed manufacturer of enameled and other wires from copper and aluminium (round and rectangular) for manufacturing and repair of transformers, generators, coils and electric motors.

The product range also includes copper wires for welding applications.

All the enameled wires under the trademark Cablel® are manufactured and tested according to the IEC 60317-0-1 standard.

The products are available according to various national and/or international standards, as well as according to the requirements-specifications defined by the customer.

For more information, please see the catalogue of Cablel Wires enameled products.

In STOMANA Engineering, we run one dedicated warehouse for storage and trading of a wide range of enameled wires, for quick and easy access to the end user.

This warehouse is part of our Electrical Department that possesses remarkable expertise, knowledge and experience in the use and application of magnet wire.